"31 or 71. Age—no matter, Action matters!" ~David R. Hill

Behold the “Clamshell” endurance practice! It is designed to prevent movement through sustained contraction of abdominal muscles in compromising positions, while gravity relentlessly exerts its downward pull.

The core of our body temple affects every action and movement we express. The strength, balance, and alignment it holds, inherently affects the quality of our physical, mental, and emotional health.

In these videos, I am working out with Carson Mack, as I have been for six years. He was the instrumental coach for my training to climb Mt. Everest in 2017. Carson has been honing his craft and training a multi-diversity of men, women, teenagers, and children since 2013. As I have grown in my strength, balance, alignment, and range of endurance, I have noted the evolving growth and awareness of Carson. He passionately supports his clients to realize, that the quality of our mental and emotional health is intrinsically related to our physical state of well-being.


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