Who Am I

Spiritual Awakening Who Am I


I Am—the two most powerful words in the English language. Whatever declaration follows “I Am” decides who you choose to be—every time! Regardless of the extent of light, strength, love, wisdom any of us imbue, we all experience the difficult challenge of consistently being aligned and balanced. Time and again, each of us stumbles and falls from the Path of self-actualization and fulfillment. In these moments of mistake, misguided choice, reaction, defensive posturing, the ego once again grasps for the privilege of running one’s life, which rarely serves the highest good of all concerned.

The mindfulness to which one is committed concurrently observes what is taking place with understanding and acceptance, recognizing—dang it! Once again, I have just surrendered to being a servant of ego rather than master of self. We may then look, see, honor the momentary reality, smile at the absurdity, and re-orient for a newly re-aligned self-directed step forward.

Who am I? I am patient, I am thankful, I am open, and I am on purpose, because this frame of consciousness uplifts myself and others most optimally. I have learned to respect the ego, which is potentially a lifelong partner. Rather than fight it, how about respecting, embracing, loving it, and giving thanks for the unceasing service it is designed to be and know it is not a demand for me.

Daily, we are given the opportunity to wake up from a lifetime of slumber and honor our expression of “I Am” with pronunciations of uplifting, inspired, and commanding affirmations. Be awake, be open, be humble, and know “the best is yet to be!” I am Present, I am Balanced, I am Caring, I am Receptive, I am Generous, I am Intentional, and I am Grateful. 

—David R. Hill