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We are so grateful for the love and support we receive from our readers and beautiful community. This month, we are pleased to share our new logo. It embodies our mission and movement to attune, open, allow, trust, serve, and live a life lead by one of the highest vibrations at which one can Be: Gratitude. With Love and Gratitude, David R. Hill and the Boundless Gratitudes Family

A Message from the Universe

Welcome to this Site of Light to remind you and all of us of the unique gift each of us has to offer each other. Consider, we are all distinctive Contributions for supporting our fellow human beings to discover the highest Good for all concerned and for the holistic Well-Being of our planet.

Thank you for the privilege to share this journey of Awakening for which we are all on path. This website is designed as a portal to the majesty, strength, and lightness of being you are graced to be. May you attune to this site for whatever moves, touches, and inspires you. Included within are ever-evolving reflections, wisdoms, passages, stories, lessons, guidelines, meditations, quotations, photographs, and creativity to inspire, uplift, and center you to remember your Presence—one of heart, mind, body, and spirit.

Attuning to this site destination and journey of awakening is an opportunity to quiet, release, receive, and embrace the Moment. To optimally support your ease of pace and our ease of creativity, aspects of this site will be renewed as we are moved and inspired to do so. 

As you have comments or stories of gratitude to share, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Enjoy and Immerse oneself!

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Presence Is Everything

"Be present, be loving, be thankful, be the Inspiration."

― David R. Hill

"Only when you do not know yourself, the opinion of others becomes important."

― Sadhguru

"We receive what we desire for others."

—An Enlightened Soul

Guest Connections

May you appreciate the wellspring of stories, discoveries, journeys, lessons, transformations, and inspirations, each of these individuals have lived. It is edifying for each of us to realize we share a commonality with all beings, whether we agree or disagree, like or dislike, embrace or resist, exalt or criticize. Age, gender, role, position, profession, reputation matter not. What matters is who you are. As we each have our individual life directions, we will undergo a myriad of life experiences. These life experiences will move us forward on our paths to glean from a diversity of lessons and interactions. Thus, we realize our uniqueness, purpose, and contribution.

May you open, listen, receive, and allow the relevance of an individual’s sharing to unfold a clearing for you.

Sustainable Gardening

Matt Drewno is a dedicated caretaker for our planet. He is VP of Ecology Action, Founder of Victory Gardens for Peace, and Director of Biointensive Garden Initiatives in Fort Bragg and Stanford Ranch Inn Gardens, Mendocino, CA. Matt is an inspired leader for conscientious care of our planet’s soil, while being a missionary of biointensive gardening for numerous developed and developing countries, indigenous tribes, interns, and fellow gardeners around the world. Enjoy an enlivened exchange with a man who is forthright, impassioned, and committed to making a transformative planetary difference.

Watch Our Interview with Matt Drewno

Conscious Parenting

Welcome to a most engagingly sensitive look at the privilege of Parenthood through the ageless wisdom of an abundantly gifted Mother of all children, Janna S. Hill. She has been a nurturing parent to three children, a grandparent to five grandchildren, an inherent mother to 3–4-year old’s for a Waldorf pre-school, and an ever-present mother to all children, who are graced to connect with her presence. May you enjoy the radiance and warmth of Light she exudes, as you have the opportunity to integrate her mastery of simple and heartfelt parenting.

watch our interview with Janna Hill

The Power of Words

Welcome to our invigorating interview with Kevin Hall, internationally renown author of "Aspire-Discovering your Purpose through the Power of Words." May you heartily appreciate Kevin's effervescence for life. Kevin is a unique being, who is one of the most expansive, buoyant, and kindest individuals I have been graced to meet. Kevin is gifted with a creative attunement to seeing and responding to all lessons of life as integral to developing the singular Contribution we are all born to be-if we so choose.


Creating A Legacy

I am privileged to introduce Yvonne Bosu, a caring, compassionate, inspired, and creative soul who is on purpose to uplift others and support them to discover new levels of aliveness, contribution, and balance. She is the founder of Six Dragonflies Capital, a center of inspiration, seed capital, business expertise, life wisdom, and creative initiative for women-owned and under-served business entrepreneurs. All businesses within this Circle are guided to make a difference in this world for the highest good of all involved.

Watch Our Interview with Yvonne Lemus Bosu

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