Genshai—I was graced with a dynamic 3-day experience of Genshai in St. George, Utah seven years ago, by honoring the recommendation of a friend.

Genshai is an ancient spiritual principal as timeless as the Golden Rule. 

“Treat no one in a manner that would make them feel small, including yourself.” 

Genshai Meaning


Regardless of your religion or spiritual perspective, to honor and practice this life principal will inherently expand your dimensions of connection, mindfulness, and conscious, constructive action for humanity and yourself. One of the primary keys to exemplifying this practice is to gently look whomever you are honoring in the eyes, be it the hotel maid, the roofer, the accountant, the child, the homeless person, and speak clearly and heartfully with your words and presence of appreciation for what the individual does or represents for you. Know you make a difference for this person in the moment, regardless if they realize it. When they do receive what you are gifting, there is a magical sparkle of appreciation they emanate, and both of you dance in the warmth and liberation of the moment.  

How To Practice Genshai


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