Conscious Business

This arena of Boundless Gratitudes includes businesses, who deliver their product and service with intention for highest good of all concerned. Each business featured is aligned with the following agreements:

*The stated intention is to invite, as distinct from “sell” the product or service.

*The business is integrated with an attitude for holistic well-being to include the customer, the community, and the planet’s well-being. A consciousness of evolving care continues to unfold for all parties noted.

*The product and service are a distinctive contribution, designed to make a difference for anyone who chooses to purchase the offering.

*All parties who participate aspire to honor and practice the life principal of Genshai, “Treat no one in a manner which would make them feel small, including yourself.” Thus, everyone is graced to participate in an exchange which indelibly supports well-being for all involved.


Lakes Basin Creations

Giota Vorgia