Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through The Power of Words by Kevin L. Hall

Aspire Book Review Kevin Hall

As we aspire, we inspire ourselves and others. Kevin Hall has discovered his passion—one to awaken, uplift, and encourage others to realize the full expression of their being, and courageously deliver it for the highest good of all

The first word honored at the beginning of this vibrant book lays a powerful foundation for a wellspring of succeeding words and stories to stir expansive feelings and inherent conscious action. Kevin is a master of attunement to statements of inspired awakening, heartfullness, and clarity. He has a profound knack for tuning into a myriad of people, from all walks of life, who have shared their inspiration from a precious and momentary realization of life’s immutable lessons and gifts.

“Aspire” is an ever-evolving journey for self-discovery, human understanding, life revelation, and irresistible stimulus for right action to live an intentional and meaningful life. Your choice of words, as you express yourself, reflect your preference for the Values of life you endear and the quality of exchange you are willing to have with others. Your words determine the richness of life you have the privilege to live and contribute.

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