Be Here Now by Ram Dass

Be Here Now by Ram Das

Thank you, Ram Das! Over 40 years ago, Richard Alpert, a Harvard professor, worked with Timothy Leary in hopes of discovering the Holy Grail through the use of psilocybin and LSD. Richard was blessed to be fired for this “outlandish” approach to higher education, so he could rediscover his identity and life direction.

He was led to travel to India, where he met and opened to the expansive and simple guidance of Maharajii, an incarnation of ancient wisdom. Through his transformational and extensive sojourn, Ram Das realized a profound depth of Being and awareness, which releases attachment to the past, stems concern for the future, and opens boundless connection to the Present—Here and Now. Thus, a myriad of stories, reflections, connections, and practices unfold to be relished in a succession of moments and embrace the freedom and joy of the Present.

No mistake this book still resonates with innumerable souls, reflected in the sale of over two million copies since 1971. You are attracted to this Book of Life, if you sense a more expansive life picture to be lived. Ram Das transitioned to the next level in 2020, and his soul will forever sing through the enlightened message of listening, opening, and sharing. No matter how dark the day or night may be, a guidepost of Light is within for each of us to find our way and awaken to the potential for discovering and sharing a more enriching privilege of life.

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