Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo

Breakfast with Buddha Book Review

Step into a journey of unexpected self-discovery, to reveal a deeper degree of
consideration for the meaning of life. A middle-aged character, who is a devoted husband, caring father, dedicated professional, and avid appreciator of the simple American joys of life, is unexpectedly introduced to a holy man, Volvo Rinpoche. His sister, an aspiring, distinctive soul, is responsible for this surprising connection. Otto Ringling, much to his dismay, realizes his road trip from New Jersey to North Dakota to settle the estate of his recently departed parents—will be without his sister and instead with a holy man. Rinpoche is a self-assured, quiet, easeful, and lighthearted wise man from the far reaches of Northern Asia. As their journey unfolds, a bemused Otto senses his life, as a well-entrenched mainstream American man, is on the verge of a new orientation.

As the story unfurls, these two characters share a journey through middle America, which reveals a commonality of heart and spirit. Otto begins to realize he is subtly experiencing an awakening of a sort, one with a more expansive sense of life for respect and appreciation. May you enjoy and injoy the gentle pace of this simple lesson book, laugh heartily, and open your eyes and heart to a bigger picture.