Falling Upward by Richard Rohr

Falling Upward Richard Rohr Book Review


Richard Rohr has been a Franciscan priest for +50 years, and is a distinctive, aspiring human being, who has chosen to develop a conscious realization of his spirituality beyond the doctrine of religious belief systems, including his own.

Richard’s deep introspection for the gift of life has evolved an understanding, that this wondrous life journey is comprised of two distinct halves.  The first half of life is about developing one’s self-image, identity, professional practice, financial means, as well as building reputation, forging relationships--all for purpose of grounding an “acceptable” presence in the world. We are aspiring, accomplishing, acquiring, and performing—all worthy pursuits to assure our “security."

Our societal mores profess that our intentional and persistent drive to assure our credibility as human beings is integral to a successful life experience.  However, mistakes, disappointments, stumbles, falls, and failures inherently are part of the journey to realizing our goals and dreams. As we fall innumerable times, we are given an opportunity to release our deeply entrenched comfort zone.  We actually have the freedom to  “fall upward” by rising up, stepping forth, and moving forward to discover a deeper, more inclusive relationship with ourselves, others, all life, and spirit.

If we so choose to awaken to our divine heritage, the second half of life is boundlessly enriching in its scope of expanded self-awareness, revelation, and our own unique contribution.    Consider the absolute possibility we each have been given a more profound reason for living, than only building a life which meets our needs, while missing our deep fulfillment.  By giving thanks for what has transpired, and fearlessly embracing new and unknown possibilities for a meaningful life, the enrichment to be gained is beyond measure and a welcome blessing for our fellow man, all life, and our planet.