Lessons in Truth by Emilie Cady

Regardless of the first printing of this Wisdom Collection in 1903, the Truth it unabashedly delivers is wholly relevant and on target today, as it was yesterday. 

What you will find in the treatise of authentic spirituality is a forthright reminder of our inherent connection to the Divine and unequivocal Values of a Conscious Life, which are open to all for our integration. Emilie Cady provides a user-friendly understanding of our divinity, power, and connection to all that is. 

Although she refers to the Bible as a grounded and deep source of Spiritual clarity, it is not a rulebook, but instead a guide book with an extensive series of stories and lessons designed to support human beings to realize the majesty and beauty of their birthright.

Our outside world reflects our inside world, individually and collectively, and as we release the toxicity of judgement, illusion of superiority and inferiority, blindness of jealousy, burden of fear, absurdity of blame, and fragility of expectation, along with other misguided perspectives, we each have the opportunity to align with our ageless heritage of Truth, Honor, Love, and Light. Thus, the up leveled energy we generate makes a difference for all those with whom we touch and connect—without having to say a word. The perennial reality this book endears is a reminder that all human beings share a commonality of loving, clarifying spirit, and we each are responsible to find our way, set intentions, and practice life consciously. 

Lessons in Truth by Emilie Cady

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