The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements Book Review Don Miguel Ruiz

The select practices, concisely outlined in this book, serve all people, regardless of ethnicity, social class, cultural heritage, sexuality, religion, or spiritual path. These Agreements have been created from ancient Toltec wisdom, and are just as relevant today, and their simplicity of Truth are worthy of being included in the formal education system. After all, the more self-aware and consciously directed we are as human beings, the more effective we can be in as students and teachers of the wide diversity of education for which schools are long practiced.

As one integrates the Values of these exercises, an inherent respect for self and others unfolds to pave the way for mutual human integration, respect, and care, which our world needs to thrive. The attention these four Life Lessons require of you, the reader, lays the foundation for your individual renewal of Intention to be the Contribution each of us uniquely is meant to be. Though this book is short and enlightening, it is long on life-transformative effects. May you appreciate the treasure of a gentle morning or easeful afternoon to enjoy and integrate these guidelines for conscious living.

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