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Megan Schiller ~ founder, designer, teacher and creator of the Art Pantry ~ is an inspiration. She designs magical art spaces for children and families, and has dozens, if not hundreds of wonderful art project ideas, many of which are focused on collaborative art. There are family murals, the family canvas challenge, and more. Collaborative art, for those who have not done it, is so much fun! Megan does not only inspire with her art but with her life. She is a brave, courageous woman who has overcome so much, and her courage inspires as much as her art.

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How To Design Kids Play Room

How To Setup Kids Playroom 

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Kids playroom ideas are always a hot topic as parents when contemplating design ideas. Where and how can you keep your child or children's play area organized and enriching? One of the things that Megan offers is a DIY design course for parents on exactly how to set up your home art space for kids. 

Design Camp E-Course for Parents


Other DIY Art Resources for Parents

Organize Kids Playroom

As featured in the Washington Post, Parent Magazine, Cool Mom Picks, and even Pop Sugar, we found so many free and affordable ideas through her e-guides page. 

Whether you are trying to come up with new art projects for your kids or overhauling their home study and playroom area, The Art Pantry provides everything parents need to set up the perfect space. 

Check out Megan's amazing Kids Playroom E-Guides for Parents