Chik Chak Shabbat by Mara Rockliff

Chik Chok Shabbat Book Review


Goldie Simcha was someone who people couldn’t help but love. A Jewish grandmother who fed her entire apartment building delicious steaming bowls of cholent every Saturday, what was not to love to about her?

However, one Saturday, all of the tenants in the building realized something was amiss. Tommy’s tuba would only play sour notes! Signora Bellagalli’s most beloved teacup tumbled off the shelf and broke. And Mr. Moon, the novelist, became so frustrated with writing that he hurled the pages to his novel across the room!

Someone had better go check on Goldie in apartment 5A, they decided. They did, and sure enough, Goldie was not feeling well, and worst of all, it was much too late to make a pot of her Saturday pot of cholent! Then her neighbors had an idea. Maybe it was too late for Goldie’s cholent, but it wasn’t too late for each of them to bring something to the table and make something wonderful!

Little Lali Omar and her family brought potato curry. Mr. Moon brought his Korean barley tea. Signora Bellagalli brought tomato pizza. And Tommy Santiago brought beans and rice. It may not have been cholent, but it was even better. Not only did everyone get to make a special contribution, but being together was the most important part.

Book Review by Jeneka Ossa