Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett

Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett

Extra Yarn Reviewed by Jeneka Ossa

“Extra Yarn,” written by Mac Barnett, is the story of Annabelle and her never ending spool of yarn. It is a story of hope and generosity, with a touch of magic sprinkled in.

It all begins when Annabelle decides to knit her dog Mars a sweater, and knits one for herself too. All of a sudden, she gets a lot of attention, but unfortunately people were being unkind, because they were jealous.

As it turned out, they just wanted to feel special too. So Annabelle knits everyone in her class sweaters, and then all of the people she knows, until everyone has a special sweater, because, after all, everyone is special in their own way.

This book illustrates that all people have a wish to be seen, valued, and included, and little Annabellewith her magical spool of yarn shows that it is possible to accomplish exactly that.


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extra yarn by mac barnett