Giota Vorgia

Giota Vorgia

Visual Artist | Designer | Art Instructor

International Association of Art UNESCO artist,
Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece
Member of the American Women Artists AWA   

Born in Athens, Greece
Lives in Austin TX, USA

Giota Vorgia

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Degas

I am a person that was born to be an artist. Greece is my homeland where art is part of our existence.

I grew up actually in an art studio, as both of my parents are artists and both of my siblings are pianists. 

Doing art was a natural activity for me since the age of 4. From the age of 6 to 16, I visited almost all the well-known museums and art galleries of Europe as part of my acquaintance with art history - that was a lifetime achievement for me. Museums provide a cultural experience, an effective way of learning and inspiration. I believe that nothing boosts our creativity more than visiting art galleries and museums.

At the age of 12, I discovered the beauty of the stone. I used to collect stones from coasts in Greece, paint and share them with people, under the Acropolis. In the following years, I was happy just to collect and observe them, in every place I visited, Europe, Africa or the USA. And, then, the magic moment came when I 'saw' the pure beauty in them.

Celestial Giota Vorgia Award Winning Fine Artist

In 2004, motivated by the beauty of primal nature (stone, water, wood), I started to produce a series of works based on natural coastal elements. I find beauty everywhere and painting is the way to appreciate beauty and life around me. This only happens when I stay in the now. My paintings inspire the viewer an increased awareness of their presence in an expanded present moment, using the stone element as an image of perfection and stability. 

Great therapists, rehabilitation doctors, physiatrists, and authors declare that my art brings therapeutic healing and raising of vibration to people’s souls. And this is my purpose.

I have been awarded for my work in Greece, Lebanon, and the USA.

I live in Round Rock, Greater Austin TX metropolitan area. I am married to the visual artist Antonis Papantoniou ( and we have 3 kids, Odysseus, Achilles, and Alexander.



The theme that inspires me is the stone. I am inspired by the stability of the stone with the movement of the water that imperceptibly sculpts and morphs it in harmony with the mood of the sky and the play of light.

While stepping on pebbles I feel present, I am. There is tremendous beauty in ‘nowness’. ‘Kosmos’ in Greek, means ‘gem’ (Kosmema). To be present in the Kosmos is a gift. This bliss of Being in the world I feel and I want to capture in my paintings.

I always love to attract the viewer to this bright space of eternal moment which is always new.

Hidden Talent by Giota Vorgia Award Winning Fine Artist



Beauty can be found in the simplest of things specifically in nature. Through the passing of time, stones have seen the scenery change around them. 

Stones are the silent observers of a continuously altered world. 

Each stone has a story. One only needs to remove one's thoughts and listen. Just be.


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