Lakes Basin Creations

Michelle Haselton
Founder/Teaching Artist

Michelle Hazelton Lakes Basin Creations

I am an artist in Plumas-Sierra County, specializing in Fiber Arts and Pine Needle Basketry. Through my connection with the Earth, I find inspiration for creation, translating that expression of deep belonging in my art. All my creations use locally collected and sourced materials, translating the inspirational journey among the surrounding mountains, valleys and people into visual conversations. Through my art I hope to offer an experience to connect with awareness to our natural world with the beauty that enriches our lives and the spirit that lives within us all. 

As a teaching artist, i am passionate about healing through the arts, teaching creation in a safe space where we can begin to nurture our well-being and restore balance within. Teaching others is with the intention of rekindling the love within each individual, allowing our own individual expression and connection to shine forth, as well as reviving the beauty of gathering in community. I have my B.A. of Arts and studied Weaving from the natives in New Mexico and have been Weaving and creating for 18 years. My passion of creating Pine Needle Baskets began with a friend, Jim Harper, for whom I will be eternally grateful to, for passing on the gift and for reminding my hands of their many lifetimes of knowledge.


Pine Needle Basketry

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