How To Do A Breathing Meditation

Many of our readers and visitors ask us for a guided walkthrough in written form. While there are many ways and no one "right" way, below is one that we use often at Boundless Gratitudes. It is based on a four-fold breath in and three-fold hold. In other words, you breathe in for a count of four seconds, and you hold for a count of three seconds. Then, you slowly breathe out for a count of four seconds, and you hold for a count of three seconds. Try it and let us know how it goes for you. :) 

Meditation: Breathe

Find a preferential quiet space, be it an inviting green space, a stately tree on which to rest your back, a water’s edge, a comfy corner, your car, it matters not. Sit and be still, allow your focus to be with your breath, and as you breathe in, count gently to four, hold it for three, easefully release for another gentle count of four, patiently await the next breath for three. Allow the next breath to show up, and count unhurriedly to four, hold for three, release for four, await for three, and repeat this nourishing cycle ten times. When complete, gently and deliberately, say thank you, thank you, thank you—heartfully. 

Notice how quiet you have inevitably become, and relish this moment of limitless peace. You may start your day with this breath, end the pace of the day with this practice, or stop and grace yourself with this gift when the need arises. 


How To Do Breathing Meditation