Dynamic Mobility with Allison Anderson

Dynamic Mobility

Regardless of your age and life stage as well as the extent or range of mobility you choose to incorporate in your life, taking consistent care of your body temple is integral to maintaining fluidity, strength, coordination, and vital well-being. Allison Anderson, owner of Dynamic Mobility, has an exemplary understanding of the body structure and its relationship to heart/mind balance. In the following videos, Allison displays a presence and confidence for breathing, toning, and release to support anyone to wake up and embrace the day with vitality, as well as release the day with an easeful simplicity of body attunement and mental/emotional centeredness.


The following video offers a crisp step into a short and refreshing exercise of active meditation, body awareness, and alignment of personal presence.  No doubt you will note a difference of energy and awareness after initiating this short and on-point practice. 


This 2nd video is for you who will appreciate 18 minutes of gentle, focused, balanced stimulation of overall well-being.  Give yourself the permission, space, time, and receptivity to honor the wholeness of your presence through Allison’s guidance.