A Consideration

Inspirational Stories A Consideration


Consider we each have a key role to play in this very short life experience, of which each of us is a writer, actor, director, producer, and audience.  No mistakes are made—only steps taken, which lead us forward to discover the ever-unfolding story of our lives, and rewrite as often as we like.  We are each our own book and movie to be read, viewed, and experienced by ourselves and everyone with whom we meet.  Is our book a worthy teacher for others, as we inherently unfold a bounty of lessons?   

As Mark Nero notes, a vital body has a majority of healthy cells over toxic ones.  If we look at humanity as a global body, then every soul is a cell in that body, and most of these souls are aspiring and worthy beings.  Who we are and everything we do has the potential to influence and keep one more soul healthy in the global body.   Thus, each of us is an integral Possibility and Blessing to move us all toward the Academy Award of heartfelt Connection and Unity.