A Moment Of Wonder

Inspirational Stories A Moment of Wonder


Reflecting on the transiency of all life experience—be in a hurry, and miss the moment.  Whether you rush or gently pace, we are actually nowhere else—only place is Here, and time is Now.  Where are we—Nowhere! 

Sky-blue clarity, breeze blowing caressingly through the trees, a plethora of leaves fluttering independently in the swift winter air, as the multitude of seasonal colors merge with the ground.  People walk their dog(s) and their children, as they engage in the moment, and a multiversity of life is happening all around.  Behold a rambunctious squirrel springing across the top of the fence line, children creatively playing, discovering, and interacting in a corner of the park devoted to ease of childish freedom.  Parents walk at a mosey pace or sit and monitor, and a precious moment of ease, peace, and enjoyment unfolds and envelops all souls in this sweet corner of refuge.  In the background of my observation, I hear and listen to the musical reflections of quiet-spoken artists and receive a gift of privilege to be touched by the warmth and comfort said music releases and captures the sublime beauty of the moment.

What a treasure of bountiful appreciation stimuli each wondrous day provides! Yet, at some point, the peace and harmony enveloping this collection of precious moments can seemingly be dissipated by a new moment of dissonance, distress, and/or turbulence.  However, we are always at choice to remember the real source of any and all reactions or responses are within you and me.  Make a choice, take a step, own the experience, and bless with a thank you, as the inherent lesson inevitably unfolds.  Although being On Purpose is highly touted, consider that purpose is momentarily irrelevant. And you are now here just to discover how to Be, and take a walk in the park.