A New Possibility

 Inspirational Stories A New Posibility


“Happiness runs in a circular motion,

Life is like a little boat upon the sea,

Everybody is a part of everything anyway,

You can have it all, if you let yourself be!

Why-Oh, because!

Why-Oh, Because!”


So simple; yet too often, happiness is seemingly amorphous, as we all look for that special moment, distinct person, perfect possession, worthy cause, and/or fleeting dream of fulfillment.  Those ever-precious moments of sparkle, ease, and release, arrive and depart, indiscriminately—and we strive for more. 

What if the focus for happiness is actually a burden? Instead, we develop an alternative practice to live with Purpose, Kindness, Care, and Gratitude, and allow a fleeting, refreshing wisp of ease and peace to show up in its own time.  Is the commonly touted mission for “happiness” a tangible and fulfilling choice of direction?  What if our work is to discover, reveal, and share our own distinct gifts of Heart, Mind, and Soul, and trust happiness inherently will show up in a multitude of surprising moments?  What if happiness is not the end-all aspiration, and we have the privilege to receive a deeper experience of enrichment, which uplifts, humbles, and reveals a most cherishable life experience.

Consider the Possibility:
“Life is more than being happy.  It comes alive through Joy, a step beyond happiness.  Happiness is a sort of atmosphere you can live in sometimes—when you are lucky.  Joy is a light that fills you with hope, faith, and love." -Adela Rogers St. Johns

Once we stop looking, we have a chance to see.