Election Ruminations

2020 Election Ruminations


The election is over.  We have a moment of limited respite from the tumultuous conflict of divergent beliefs.  Imagine, what would it take for us to release our differences and embrace our commonality as human beings and American citizens?  What if we entertained the consideration, “Would you rather be kind or right? If you choose to be kind, you will always be right.”  Then we have the potential to have an edifying conversation with those with whom we disagree, so we can grasp a bigger picture of Perspectives, learn, and expand our reality and empathy. 

We, who call the USA our home, are distinctively blessed to live here and reap a bounty of privileges, including personal choice of belief and direction, extensive comforts of daily life, abundance of diversified nourishment, availability of any choice of success for creative minds, the freedom to be and share what is important to us, and our Possibility to embrace the horizon of Opportunity is limitless.  Yes, we are burdened with lingering prejudices, biases, judgements, and self-doubts.  Yet, more often than not, we are the same people, who are also willing to lend a hand to assist a neighbor, uplift a friend, guide a stranger, support community, and step forward to be a positive contribution in a multitude of ways, regardless of beliefs.  

The beauty of this country  is contained in its ever-evolving and aspiring embrace of a multi-diversity of ethnicities, races, religions, viewpoints, and preferences, and our avowed freedom for anyone to develop a Vision of Possibility and Opportunity for the benefit of any of us, all of us, and people all over the world.

When we are willing to dismantle our guards, release the armor, allow the differences, and listen with a humble heart, we can indeed rise to greater heights of accomplishment and connection as fellow human beings, who are on path to realize an individuality , society, and inclusivity, which are foundational principles of our Constitutional principles.   Consider, as we respect our more noble and selfless selves, we can live a more fulfilled and meaningful life for us, our children, our community, and the well-being of our beloved planet.

“Honor our differences, which when spoken and received, become our foundation for collective transformation.”  —An Enlightened Soul