Forgiveness Liberates!

Forgiveness is Divine Quote

Sometimes a mistake is so very painful to realize, admit, process, forgive, and release--more so than forgiving another who has hurt us in some way.

When I have failed in a manner that is notably consequential, it feels momentarily inexcusable!  I have fancifully assumed I am evolved enough to finally have a steady, well-balanced, perceptive eye for life, and there is no room for fallibility!

Yet, in another moment of unconscious awareness, unbeknownst to me, a self-directed action unfolded to cost me dearly--financially, professionally, and personally. The mistake and its many ramifications were not immediately apparent.  Three months after the blind action, the reality of a very “stupid “decision showed up through an unexpected phone call alerting me to a professional blunder, which immediately stirred a horrible feeling of abject fear for survival and relentless stress of concern for looming ramifications.  Terror was at center stage, and zero certainty was at hand.  In that gut-wrenching moment, I knew the seriousness of the mistake I had made, which was antithetical to my usual confidence in action.  The future outcome was a mystery, remorse was enveloping; I was wholly at loss.

However, the blunder called for immediate remediation, as well as indomitable will, and trust in my inner support of loving guidance for conscientious action to unfold.   All mistakes are Lessons!  Learning breeds understanding, and understanding is integral to self-forgiveness. However, I realized the multi-faceted process for solution would probably not be easy.  Yet, in spite of my distressed displeasure with self, I listened to the Self of infinite strength and ageless wisdom to affirm through my momentary doubts, “I am attuned, I am whole, I am guided, I am worthy, I am thankful.”   As my consciousness awakened, a newfound courage, fortitude, and momentum unfolded.  Time to step up, step out, and walk the gauntlet to assure all parties and all ramifications of this situation were sensitively and confidently addressed.

Most critically, it was time to accept and honor myself anew as an aspiring soul, who is here to learn, lessons abound, and never give up!  Walk forward, stumble, fall, and rise again to meet a new day of awakening.  Life is a blessed gift!    


                        “To err is human, to forgive, divine.”  --Alexander Pope