Genshai—A Revelation

Genshai A Revelation


No day is complete without giving an acknowledgement of care for another.  In this masked day and age, consider we each have the opportunity to look another in the eye with in-depth regard, if we so choose.  Shakespeare realized “The eyes are the windows to your soul.” Take a moment to attune to the distinctive quality this person exudes, be it sparkle, enthusiasm, care, engagement, or sadness, concern, vacuity, or fear.  No matter, you have the moment to honor this person with an acknowledgement of kindness and brightness to inherently state he/she is valuable, worthy, and special—as you also appreciate being acknowledged.  

If the individual attunes to your energy, you will know a smile of receptivity on the other side of this facial veil, and “connection” occurs. Then off we each go to bless the next individual who is awaiting a bright and warm presence.