Genshai—All for One and One for All

Genshai All for One and One for All


We each have more influence than we are often aware.  Consider, every person with whom we come in contact in any manner, be it in person, by phone, via e-mail, or through our thoughts, we make a difference. 

Think of someone you greet sometime during the day, and said individual is seemingly gruff, short, tense, or non-responsive. We often know not what is causing the attitude, outlook, or expression of another. 

The unfavorable energy in the moment may stimulate a reaction in you of judgement and ill will.  Or, you may instead choose to respond with an authentic blessing, a kind gesture, or a warm smile. 

You really have no idea of the difference you are potentially making for this fellow soul, who may be experiencing a trial of life or a painful lack of life engagement.  Yet, you may trust that the kindness and generosity of spirit you have just shared can make a profound difference for the other party.  Sometimes you are then graced to behold a momentary transformation of visage and presence.  If not, you may choose to just trust the seeds planted will germinate as the time and season is right. 

If the receiver of your gift has shifted to an uplifted outlook, he/she can connect and encourage another, who then affects another with the ever-evolving brightness of good cheer.  The cosmic compounding of Goodwill ensues without limit.  How many souls are blessed, just because you chose to extend a hand and heart to another?

As you treat yourself and another with kindness and care, the Genshai blessing potentially spreads limitlessly.  This is the spirit of Genshai in action, whereby we treat no one in a manner which would make them feel small, including oneself.  Thus, we are participating in spreading a mutual honor and care to uplift ourselves, our fellow human beings, and our beloved planet.