Honoring Our Differences

Honoring Our Differences Inspirational Stories


All of the wondrous and unique miracles of expression are we, and yet we have our inevitable differences. We are human beings with an inner and outer life both integral to our development as whole beings. In the process of our interactions, differences of perspective inevitably show up. They either elucidate, expand, and enhance our viewpoint, or they may stimulate an abrasion of the attachments we have developed toward a particular point of view.

Certainly, the arena of politics can stir our individual pots of beliefs. Reactions erupt, sides are fortified, swords are drawn, and doors are shut. In other words, the pride and prejudice of ego is alive and well, much to the detriment of well-being. Consider a staunch attachment to being right is rarely the golden key for encouraging mutual listening, understanding, growth, and acceptance.

What if we chose to allow a conversation, an exchange, a sharing of perspective which is expressed in an inclusive manner—that which honors the value of another human being’s outlook, regardless of whether or not there is agreement. Thus, a conversation may unfold which respects differing points of view. All parties are uplifted through expanding their horizons of understanding, while honoring the wholeness of another human being.

Consider the primary intention of sharing differences in political, social, cultural viewpoints is to find an answer and action plan which serves everyone’s desire for the common values of security, clarity, constructive action, and harmony. What if the only way to attain the aforementioned aspirations is to remember and tap our inner being to qualify the values we hold dear, which are often the same values our fellow human beings hold dear. We are all evolving at a unique pace that is right for each of us. Thus, what someone else understands today, may not be what you understand until tomorrow, and the reverse is also true. 

Yet, how much more successful and patient might we be in facing differences with others, if we look at our own journey for elucidation. It often includes similar steps others must undergo to come to realization of a favorable course of belief and/or action. If we “Be the change we wish to see,” as per Mahatma Gandhi, of confidence, respect, openness, caring, listening, and honoring, we will undoubtedly appreciate each other, regardless of whether we agree.