Opportunity Beckons

Inspirational Stories Opportunity Beckons


Amid a radical shutdown of our traditional lifestyle patterns, interests, and momentum, we are given the time to reflect, question, wonder, reorient, and/or lament, doubt, worry and complain.  Each of us has the freedom to choose how one will move through the inherent struggles.  The stark realization unfolds, we are not in control of the life reality we have so earnestly believed to be our right, our security, our expectation, and fulfillment.

However, life delivers its buffet of multi-diverse experiences for us to adjust, adapt, reconfigure, and engage, so we may learn new lessons to evolve our personal, family, community, and planetary development.  What is steady and sure through this anxious and awakening journey?   Although we are lacking control of life’s uncertainties, we all have the indelible mastery of freedom to make choices which support a transformative difference.   Are we alone, or are we together? Am I willing to extend a hand, warm a heart, share an empathy, express a gentleness, emote a caring welcome?  So many fellow human beings to honor, embrace, and serve, including those who are mired in suffering and their acceptance of said choice.

Here and Now is a pivotal moment for each of us to step out and up to an awakened state of being, with which we all indelibly ingrained.  Trust you have the graciousness of presence, warmth of heart, openness of mind, blessing of spirit, and bounty of gratitude to express Well-Being, Commitment, Trust, and Gratitude, regardless of seeming and momentary hindrances.

“Change is a call, for life is change and change we must.  So, let us grow and change with trust.” --Dorothy Pearson