Perspective Unfolding

Inspirational Stories Perspective Unfolding


The edge of the world stirs diverse feelings of uncertainty, wonder, mystery, anxiety, peace, and—appreciation.  As I look on a tranquil Pacific Ocean, with the perpetual hum of waves in the air, an expanse of blue waters, bluer than the boundless sky, abundant, frothy, and expressive waters release their vibrant energy along the ageless, rock-hewn cliffs.  Mother Earth and Mother Ocean meet to complement each other’s timeless beauty.

Meanwhile, questions gently and surely bound out of the recesses of this restless and open mind looking for an answer of momentary certainty and security.  On the cusp of another life chapter, a lingering doubt of steady direction looms.  Am I hoping for a decisive answer, as if there is a final directional steppingstone on which to embark?  Although this precious lifetime has been previously ignored too many times to fulfill the well-entrenched patters of “doing” professionally, personally, socially, and spiritually for the illusion of reality, it is now time for a new tangible reality of meaningful direction to take the lead.

Now, and any time, if we so choose, we have the opportunity to release from the incessant needs and demands of our self-immersed lives.  Stop, look, see and integrate the truth--how all I have learned consciously or unconsciously, is foundational for who I am as a human being. 

As the waters of my limitless waves of thought crash on the steady shore of life experience, may I move through the many stirred feelings, accept, and listen to the guidance of my soul’s immutable understanding, share, and give thanks for this sweet moment of Perspective and Peace.