Reconciliation With Self

Inspirational Stories Reconciliation With Self


This morning I made a phone call, which stirred feelings of discomfort and anxiety through the discovery process of making the decision to call.  My beloved partner and I were given an inviting gift to experience Peru for delivery of wheelchairs, enjoy connecting with other voyagers, and behold a foreign land and its mysterious history. 

We spontaneously said yes to this invitation, although my wife and I soon struggled with integrating this decision.  When a choice looms, for which a firm decision of action is necessary, clarity is murky, and the unceasing question for “right choice of action” continues to be asked, it is crucial to honor the process.  Once I opened the conversation with myself and wife, about authentic feelings and thoughts regarding Trip attraction and responsibility, we both realized this enriching adventure was not as important as honoring our former, recent decision to enjoy future journeys with a gentler pace and flexibility of schedule.  We therefore made a conscious callback to release the journey.   

Presently, how much we see and do, is not the primary stimulus for action.  Instead, what is most attractive is to allow a discovery of energy flow and nuances of unique experiences that refresh and soften us, rather than fill us with stressful pleasure. 

As I choose to remember, each day is the first day of the rest of my life, may I do so with renewed clarity, intention, and discerning action.