Sierra Madres Reflection

Sierra Madres

Where am I situated on the pathway of this amazing life journey?  The older I evolve, the less I know.  Yet, an evolving wisdom of perspective unveils a deeper path of understanding.

As I sit on the precipitous edge of a 6,000’ crest of the Sierra Madres in Northwestern Mexico, looking over a 150 miles and 8-10 mountain ranges, the quietude and expanse is mesmerizing, as an indelible reminder of the immense pleasure available through the privilege of this life experience. Each of us is at choice, regarding the level of richness and depth we may discover, create, integrate, and imbue.  I have recently been blessed with a rare privilege to spend eight days with the Raramuri Indians in the Sierra Madres of Northwestern Mexico.  They have lived on this promontory for over 500 years.  They are a simple, quiet, reverent people, who embody a spirit of peace, acceptance, and integration with Nature.  We had the precious opportunity to connect with them through a friend, Romayne Wheeler, an international classical pianist, who has been granted the unique privilege to live with them.   As he travels the world at 80 years old, the money he earns from his concerts is primarily for supporting the sustenance needs of the village, when Mother Nature is lean with her fruits of food and water.

Ten age-old principles understood and practiced by these people contribute to the well-being of individual, family, and community.  As follows:

  1. An attitude of “Korima” honors life as a gift to be shared. Giving and receiving in balance is a guiding light for living harmoniously with others.  Giving invites receiving, while receiving awakens giving, exemplifying the rhythm of life.  Just as Possession inhibits flow, and sharing expands flow-- of life’s bounty.
  1. Each individual’s existence is independent of ‘expectations,’ so he she may make choices for life well-being, while concurrently respecting and caring for other’s well-being. There is no hurry, only a right time to do what is next.
  1. Mother Earth is our life blood and sanctuary. She deserves our caring attention for her gifts, respecting the blessing of her bounty, respecting her cycles, and honoring the quietude with a minimum of words.
  1. Our individual well-being is reflective of the extent of caring we have for each other.
  1. Our Creator requires no submission, only respect, with a receptivity for guidance and conscientious care of life’s bountiful gifts.
  1. Listen first and speak with intention, while consistently allowing the space between words to fill with the peace of stillness. Also, one can “hear” another more purely through silence, when soul’s connect.
  1. Life is a journey for understanding, not accomplishment. The only measure of what you choose do—is it useful or not?
  1. The essential difference between one human being and another is whether the individual contributes “for or against life.”
  1. We cannot harm any living being without a consequence, which assures the balance of life. Our relationships, our environment, our health, and personal well-being reflect the caliber of our awareness and action. 
  1. Speak intentionally, listen caringly, attune silently, and act supportively.

We are all one interconnected humanity.  May we be open to our commonality of appreciation for life, love for family, care for community, respect for Providence, and value of contribution.