The World Is Our Oyster

The World Is Your Oyster

Adventure to another country, and the diverse wonders of life inevitably expand
the appreciation of one’s life experience. As home life fades away, a new blank
sheet of opportunity unfolds to be filled with a cornucopia of alternative history,
lifestyle, creativity, art, music, architecture, food, drink, outlook; an overall
vibrancy for life’s lessons awaits one’s attention and appreciation.

Whether one knows the language matters not. What joyfully matters is drawing
on your spirit of enthusiasm and welcoming, respecting a fellow human being
with the universal warmth of a greeting. Years ago, as I was planning for our
family journey to France, my well-traveled sister emphasized the priority of
honoring the individual life force behind the provision of a service or product in
France. Before a transaction takes place, she emphasized the high priority to
acknowledge the other individual before talk of a transaction. Once a mutual
respect for each other is enjoyable completed, the transaction may unfold with
full intention. Once complete, again honor the individual with a “Thank You” and
a departing salutation. A moment of mutual care has ensued, and one steps
lightly into this wondrously beautiful world.

On a walking tour with a vibrant guide in the Netherlands, we asked her what she loves about America. Without hesitation, she vibrantly expressed her love of the unparalleled magnificence and inspiration of its abundance of national parks. Yet, what disheartened her was the predominant need of people to work, to be “busy.” She stated thankfully, “In Europe people work to live. Yet, sadly, in America, people live to work,’’ even to the extent of forgoing their minimal 1-2 week annual vacation. The European Union reflects a long-held European life practice, which mandates all member states must grant all employees a minimum of 4 weeks paid vacation. Of course, people surrender to this rite without complaint!

As the day unfolds on a Paris cobblestone street with a modicum of cars, the “hurry” is replaced by a commonplace easeful saunter. Why are there such a plethora of open-air cafes in Paris, France, and the rest of Europe? Because It is a universally accepted pleasure to sit down at a café any time of the day for the pleasure of a refreshing cappuccino, glass of wine, and/or a sumptuous food treat to connect with a friend or friends, enjoy solo time, or just watch other fellow humans walking, talking, connecting, or perusing. The rigidity of a schedule with an endless list of to do’s melts away, as one remembers to enjoy the simplicities of life.

The world is a an abundant reservoir of lessons for our consideration, that we may enjoy our life privilege with enhanced ease, enjoyment and injoyment!