Together We Thrive

together we thrive

Ahh yes, the intricacies and complexities of human beings and their feelings, rationale, and polarities of expression continuously call for our choice of response or blindness of reaction.  Consider the contrasts of fantabulous creativity or the disturbing ignorance of environmental abuse, the embrace of a welcoming smile, or the distress of callous, disrespectful words, the engaging motivation of confidence or the dismal self-absorption of doubt, the peace and calm of meditative repose or the disturbing agitation of a distracted mind, the myriad mix of possible responses or reactions to each other and life circumstances are limitless.  

Amazingly and thankfully, regardless of our polarity extremes, as a whole human race, we formidably continue to move forward in our awe-inspiring and imaginative development of the wonders of infrastructure, homes, and gathering places for individual enrichment and community well-being, the multi-diverse bounty and sumptuous flavors of physical sustenance, the exquisite display of human inspiration and mesmerizing talent of artistry and entertainment, the reverence and protective care for the respect of our Planet Earth.  We are also warriors with our unyielding strength of commitment to meet the travesty of death and destruction of Mother Natures’ cycles or humanity’s insensitivities, as we step up and forward to lift each other to new heights of innovation, inventiveness, inspiration, connection, balance, and growth.  

Every day is an opportunity to choose, and we have sown an amalgam of results through our choices.  We are still here today as an aspiring human species after generations of constructive and destructive actions.  We have unlimited potential to move forward, thanks to innumerable lessons learned.  May we continue to evolve with remembrance of “we is greater than me,” and realize ever-new levels of life success and enrichment.

How do we treat ourselves with daily care and appreciation, so we may live each day with positive intention and do our part to support this beloved planet to thrive?  It starts with each of us to be a leader for ourselves with diligent self-awareness, authenticity, and time to quiet, as well as to forgive, respect, and welcome our loved ones.  Our treatment of ourselves and each other either is a model for others to imitate with honor or dismiss with indignation.  As we more steadily support each other, be it our partner, our children, our parents, our neighbors, our community, our nation, our world, we are formulating myriad centers of positivity and uplifting interaction, which inherently spread to move and inspire all the people each of us meets on a daily basis.  The world is encouraged to grow, heal, and thrive, because each of us is willing to take responsibility for our unique part in moving forward in self, group, planetary self-realization and fulfillment.  Thus, we continue to move positively as worthy caretakers of this beloved home for all of us. 

Our differences are for us to embrace and integrate for all our benefit.  Just note the power, splendor, vitality, and joyful enrichment we all are blessed to accrue only to share more, and discover new levels of imagination, and inspiration, which lift us all. Can our planet step up and step into a transformational level of interaction, which opens new doors of accomplishment, growth, and interconnectivity?   Indeed, as our willingness to evolve, our openness to connection, and our affirmation of inclusive destiny, we will prevail with the grace of Spirit, and move beyond the separation of polarities and integrate the benefits of our commonalities.