Trusting Boundless Gratitudes


Allowing the Vision to unfold is an exercise in patience for listening to the inspiration of Spirit and trusting that magic and its uplifting effects will unfold.  The message for human awakening is always present, and yet we all have the responsibility to open to the Discovery Journey.

As I consider this website development for inspirational outreach, a range of emotions unfold to include joyful passion, anxious intimidation, and faithful determination.

What does the Picture really look like, so I may paint with a boundless influx of spirit, faith, and purpose?

As ideas unfold, how do I coalesce and formulate them into a viable infrastructure, one which invites, encourages, and propels others from all walks of life to rediscover purpose, engagement, service, and joy?

Is this exercise authentically and deeply sourced, or is it another egotistical reason to validate my existence?

As I continue to write, I realize, without hesitation, I am wholly interested in playing my part to share care for the human spirit, move, touch, and inspire others to do the same as an integral daily exercise for life fulfillment and enrichment.

As I trust a right and perfect path for fulfillment is unfolding, I remember to do what comes to mind, act purposefully, hold the Vision, trust, and remember it’s a team effort.  No mistake to “Praise Allah--and tie your camel.”