David Hill Boundless Gratitudes


David has climbed mountains around the world for 25 years.  Every climb has unfolded integral life lessons, as exemplified by a mantra which unfolded in the midst of his climbing ventures in 2002.  No matter who you are:

Mount Everest Boundless Gratitudes

Go for your SUMMIT! 

S--Seize the Moment

U--Unfold the Vision

M—Meet the Fear

M—Magnetize Success

I—Inspire your Heart

T—Trust the Process

David, seventy years into his life experience, has stepped into the opportunity and challenge of a multitude of new chapters. He experienced a well-tended childhood with a younger sister, and the dichotomy of a temptuous French mother and a gentle, World War II Lieutenant in the American Army. David attended University of California, Davis, and graduated with BA in Psychology, while initiating the first Whole Earth Festival in Davis, guided by the mystical art professor and Visionary, Jose Arguelles. At this same campus, David was gifted with a transformational moment in the presence of Ram Das, who dramatically awakened a lifelong inspiration for him to discover his unique Contribution and Difference for all beings.

As a result, he realized he must decline the next step of graduate school in Education, step outside of an “orderly” trajectory of professional aspiration and step into the cockpit of his antiquated VW van to discover the adventurous roads of the western USA. He picked cherries, pears, and apples in Oregon and Washington, lived in a Commune, attended the Annual Rainbow Festival in Montana, and at Summer’s end ventured back to Sacramento to take the employment helm of running a Health/Natural Foods store for 3 years.


Given an unyielding thirst for personal development/growth, David developed a friendship at a spiritual retreat with a fellow seeker, who designed and built landscapes for high-end homes. Thus, he embarked on the next step to nurture an artistic and creative energy, as well as support his family and financial interests. Two years later, David and his brother-in-law birthed their own Design/Build company, Creations Landscaping, which successfully evolved for seven years. As the end of this lifecycle unfolded, as did the life revelations of marriage and children, with a persistent calling to take next step, a stirring voice within directed him to learn and develop a new career in the financial planning profession. With this vocation, David was inspired to discover the next level of Prosperity for himself and a myriad of clients yet to be developed. Thus a +32 year career evolved to include establishing his own Sacramento branch office during the Market devastation of 2008.

Meditations Boundless Gratitudes

Through the ensuing years, David, matured a vigilance for self-awareness, support for others, and opening a richer connection to heart/mind balance. New avenues of life challenge and joy unfolded, to include pioneering a new Waldorf School in Sacramento, engaging as a Board Member and Sponsor for teenagers in the Unity Church for eight years, being a founding member of a Sacramento Men’s Group for 33 years, rearing three children, and committed to reading, listening, and engaging to learn the deeper lessons of life purpose and well-being.

Firewalking Boundless Gratitudes

Firewalking, on a third date with his beloved wife, was forerunner for a passionate interest in stepping to the edge of life by commencing mountain climbing at age 45. This life chapter has included 12 varying route ascents of 14,179 ‘ Mt. Shasta, summitting the highest peaks in Africa, Mexico, Alaska, and South America, which culminated in fulfilling a long-held inspiration to climb Everest at age 67. This grueling meeting with the highest mountain in the world, awakened an enhanced understanding of his Life Purpose and Contribution--a daily and demanding practice. At 20,000 feet, David discovered his personal Summit. He sold his business to a long-standing associate, completed professionally end of 2018, and opened to the boundless Possibility and Opportunity of Caring, liberation from Drive, inspiration of Heart and Mind, Openness to Flow, and listening for the ever-present Guide within.

Boundless Gratitudes About Family

As the life experience continues to open its limitless bounty of adventures, mysteries, reward, challenges and anomalies, David is committed to living its largesse and unequivocally supporting others to live All-in. Realization of the richness of life includes an ever-evolving loving care for those who comprise his family. Thus, with five grandchildren, a beloved spouse of thirty-six years, two
daughters, one son, two son-in-laws and a daughter-in-law, the richness of heart-felt connections and relationships have become a relished priority to grace this life journey.

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