Cosmic Humor

 A collection of merry mischief and levity. 


Cosmic Humor Alice In Wonderland

Hating People is Like Poison Quote

Cosmic Humor Before You Marry Someone Quote

Einstein Human Stupidity Quote

Soul Contract Meme

Theodore Roosevelt Kick Person Responsible Quote

Dark Night of the Soul Meme

DeCaprio Monday Meme

Higher Self vs Ego Meme

Ram Dass Zip Code Quote


Lily Tomlin Somebody Quote

Cosmic Humor Zen and Ego

Cosmic Humor Sacrifice

Cosmic Humor Dave Barry Inner Peace Chocolate Cake Quote 

Cosmic Humor Jim Carrey Quote 

Cosmic Humor Moses 

Cosmic Humor Jesus Heals Lepers

Cosmic Humor Monk Last Piece of Pie


Sloth Meditating Meme

Meditation Cookies

Robin Williams Reality​

Ram Dass Cosmic Humor


Sherlock Holmes Camping Tent Story