Genshai Heart Points

Here you will find New Genshai Spirit Practices will unfold as the website unfolds. You will find practices to enrich your journey in the mastery of living in Genshai. Try any of the practices below that resonate with you and let us know how it goes for you! :) 

"We don't see the world as it is, we see the world as we see ourselves."
                                                                                    --An Enlightened Soul

Genshai Heart Point #1

May you allow a daily practice of acknowledgement to effortlessly remind another human being of the personal value one naturally imbues and has the opportunity to share.

Everyday, you honor someone with a smile, a compliment, an acknowledgement, a warm hand, a gracious thank you, you make a difference.  As you treat another being with grace, respect, and acceptance, you contribute to the elevation of the human spirit, our planet, as  well as your own unique presence.


Genshai Heart Point #2

Too often we wake up to the world and asleep to ourselves.  Consider the self-care of awakening to a prayer of affirmation and gratitude, regardless if you initially believe it.  No matter, you are setting the intention You matter!  Allow for the Possibility you have a Contribution to be and manifest each and every day.  As you honor yourself with any type of morning ritual, be it a prayer, an affirmation, a conscious breath, care for your body, a gratitude, a moment of quietude, you are lighting your fire of initiative to step forward with positivity, openness, and trust.  You are primed to formidably and respectfully make a difference for someone else, as you have just done for yourself.