Giota Vorgia

Gitta Vorgia Interview


Giota Vorgia imbues a sweet radiance of warm receptivity, caring sensitivity, and dedication of Vision for an artistic message of Heart reflected in all her paintings. As both her parents were artists, Giota was indelibly supported to realize her own gift of art expression, while her siblings graced the home with their own musical art of piano.

As a little girl and a young lady, she was graced with the opportunity to visit a myriad of art museums and galleries throughout Europe, which indelibly attuned her more deeply to her creative destiny to exemplify the inherent and perennial message of Nature through myriad expressions of stone, sky, light, wood, water, and energy.

When Giota enters the sacred realm of Presence, her art unfolds to embrace, nurture, and elevate the viewer, who is open to receiving the message awaiting. Giota is an individual whose art expression and presence as a human being are the same, living on purpose with an eye and heart for the Whole. May you enjoy this introspective journey of a unique and aspiring human being.

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