Robert Chesnosky

Robert Chesnosky became an integral part of our community in 2015, when my wife, Janna, met him in our neighborhood Starbucks. Robert was standing in the front of store, brightly said hello to Janna, as she also greeted him in her welcome manner. Robert has been appreciated in this establishment as the unofficial greeter, a positive presence, with a smile on his face, who is able to converse with anyone, regardless of their life status. He relishes his morning Starbucks coffee and breakfast treat, as he makes sure he can personally afford the pleasure.
Janna has connected with Robert frequently, and is awed by his extensive grasp of music, art, literature, as well as his faith in God and ever-present sense of humor. He grew up in San Francisco, was raised by his grandparents and mother, privileged with an education, as well as travel in Europe. When his mother died, Robert’s personal challenges affected his ability to support himself amply. Thus, he became unhoused and now creatively lives in the city of Sacramento. Many of his days he spends in the library to nurture his ever-evolving thirst for knowledge. Robert emanates a warm and engaging presence, and he imbues a warm appreciation for life, regardless of a challenging lifestyle.