Genshai Coins

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What Are Genshai Coins?

Genshai Coins are a reminder or a totem for the practice of living and mastering the principle of Genshai

What Does Genshai Mean? 

Genshai is an ancient Hindi word which means to never treat another person in a manner that would make them feel small—including yourself. It is more than a word. It is a way of life. A continuous journey of learning how to live, give, and master the essence of Genshai. 

Meaning of Genshai

How To Practice Genshai

May you allow a daily practice of acknowledgement to effortlessly remind another human being of the personal value one naturally imbues and has the opportunity to share.

Everyday, you honor someone with a smile, a compliment, an acknowledgement, a warm hand, a gracious thank you, you make a difference.  As you treat another being with grace, respect, and acceptance, you contribute to the elevation of the human spirit, our planet, as  well as your own unique presence.

New Genshai Spirit Practices will unfold as the website unfolds.

How To Use Genshai Coins

Genshai coins can be given to you as a gift, or you may be the giver! :)

If you are the recipient, you are free to carry it with you, keep it in your car, or make use of it in a manner that best serves you.  

If you purchase a coin to give to someone else, it is a wonderful way to acknowledge an individual who has shown that their actions or way of being or way of life is in a Genshai manner. A great way to present it is to tell the person what Genshai means. In addition, you also tell that person why they embody Genshai to you. Optionally, you may even want to give two coins so that they can pass one along when they feel the opportunity is right. 

Where To Buy Genshai Coins

You can purchase your Genshai Coins at or through our site here directly for a 10% discount.