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Each of us is graced with a most amazing physical body to experience our gift of life on this planet as vitally as we are able. We are at choice as to how we attend, nurture, and strengthen our body temples. Nutrition, exercise, meditation, music, art, breath, attitude, life balance, and love are all integral practices for optimally caring for our freedom to live, learn, and be a difference. Your vibrancy of health is foundational to your freedom and energy to live your life intentionally, joyfully, and thankfully. A body honored supports a clear mind and open heart. 


"33 or 73. Age—no matter, Action matters!" ~David R. Hill 



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In the videos below on this page, I am working out with Carson Mack, as I have been for six years. He was the instrumental coach for my training to climb Mt. Everest in 2017. Carson has been honing his craft and training a multi-diversity of men, women, teenagers, and children since 2013. As I have grown in my strength, balance, alignment, and range of endurance, I have noted the evolving growth and awareness of Carson. He passionately supports his clients to realize, that the quality of our mental and emotional health is intrinsically related to our physical state of well-being.


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Behold the “Clamshell” endurance practice! It is designed to prevent movement through sustained contraction of abdominal muscles in compromising positions, while gravity relentlessly exerts its downward pull.


Clamshell Part 2. The core of our body temple affects every action and movement we express. The strength, balance, and alignment it holds, inherently affects the quality of our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Bottoms Up Squat

What you are beholding in this video, with Trainer, Carson Mack, is challenging grip strength, while also offsetting the weight to build the lateral wall of abdomen. This exercise solidifies the core while supporting alignment of whole being. So?

The core is the Center of our physical body. As in the previous Clamshell practice, honoring the Core’s value, toning it, and caring for its strength, balance, and alignment, is metaphorical to maintaining our Center for physical, emotional, and mental health. Concurrently, squatting strengthens and tones our primary mobilization appendages, which are essential for our freedom to appreciate the many life adventures and vistas they allow us to see and experience.

If I can do it, you can do it! 

Kettlebell Swings


This exercise calls for absolute groundedness of feet, body, alignment, and attention, or the Kettlebell will mercilessly swing you into an unpleasant and potentially wrenching position, which may hinder further training for the day.

This hip-hinging melding of weight and balance requires coordination of all limbs to move explosively! To do it attentively, it is one of the most beneficial exercises you can practice for developing whole body alignment, tonality, and strength. Commence with a weight you can manage with confidence of fluidity and balance. As you evolve in your capacity to handle the weight, you are welcome to move up to the next level of weight.

With any of the exercises featured in this Inspired Training arena, be kind and honor yourself to evolve gently and surely to succeeding levels of capability. Damn the ego and honor your aspiration with grace!

Carson Mack 4 Pillars of Fitness